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Helping businesses and individuals grow and transform.

I create the right kind of trouble. I pursue growth through innovation and technology. I put people and experiences at the center of my mischief.


David Jensen's
work spans
a wide range of
media, industries
and regions.

Urban Architectural Intervention
with Zaha Hadid

NBA League Pass with Turner Sports

Stickley Meets Eames in the
21st Century, Santa Monica, CA

Bluetorch Sports Portal

Fox Sports Mobile

ABC Enhanced Television

Los Angeles Culture Net

Extreme Sports Experience

Music On Demand


In the Kitchen with Wolf

12th St. Jam


David has been confronting the predictable and pursuing change his entire life. Fascinated by ideas, he has spent his career listening to people's stories and designing engaging experiences with them. He applies his deep knowledge of innovation to develop strategies for growing businesses and expanding markets. Working at the intersection of innovation and technology, David excels at fomenting mischief, then structuring it into a successful enterprise.

David’s earliest lessons in design came through countless childhood hours spent playing with Legos, racing his Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars and redesigning his parents' house every chance he could get. David believes that when we played as kids we were already thinking like designers. As children, we’re not afraid to express ourselves. On the playground, in the attic and in the sandbox, our imaginations are limitless. Instinctively we build as we think, we tell stories, and we aren’t afraid to learn by asking questions and causing trouble.

But somewhere on the path to adulthood our creative confidence is subsumed by the ordinary and everyday. David works hard to maintain his creativity and to design for the human experience. He is still unlocking innovation by creating mischief, but he has picked up valuable skills and tools along the way.

After graduating from the University of Houston with his BS in Architecture and Engineering, David moved on to the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Here his work focused on explorations of the connection between film and architecture, specifically the effects of moving images on the built environment. After receiving his Masters of Architecture, David began his career with architects Richard Meier and Zaha Hadid who inspired him to take on complex challenges in pursuit of simple, powerful solutions. He later focused on producing and designing films, music videos, interactive media and television.

David’s varied professional life includes chapters as an architect, producer and entrepreneur. He has received numerous awards and industry recognitions. He has been elected to the PGA/Hollywood Reporter Digital 50 twice, been nominated for nine Primetime Emmys (winning two), and served as Governor of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He regularly speaks at industry and professional events, including NATPE, CES, Digital Hollywood and IBMs Impact Technology Summit.

David is still expanding on his success. He currently works with some of the world's top companies, such as EY, IBM, Monitor Deloitte, Ericsson, Razorfish and the J. Paul Getty Trust. He provides expertise in many areas across numerous industries, including media, design and social networks. With his depth of knowledge and his fresh, engaged approach, David enables his clients to innovate, to grow and to stay digitally relevant.

David has been living the Silicon Beach dream in Santa Monica for over 20 years. He's active in the innovation startup community, has a passion for vintage cars and dedicated to all forms of free speech.



Storytelling Innovation Design Technology Entrepreneurship

“Whether you're making a fort with the sofa cushions to defend against evil monsters or you're building a house with no carbon footprint, every design starts with a story. Before I begin any new project, I listen to peoples' stories because their experiences will define my success.”

“Ironically many businesses take an expected approach to innovation, but where's the fun in that? I encourage people to unlock their minds, to perceive common challenges differently and to dream of possibilities they may never have even considered.”

“I like to take hard problems and make them easy. For me, success doesn't come when users remark about how well-designed a product is. It comes when they don't notice the design at all. They just have a positive, simple experience with the product.”

“Racing Hot Wheels during my childhood I realized that technology can be a lot of fun. As I grew up I learned it can also be applied elegantly to solve real problems. And the best way to do this is through continuous disruption-- taking that racetrack apart and rebuilding it better each time.”

“Anyone can be an inventor, and innovation and disruption can be a lot of fun. But it takes an entrepreneur to turn those ideas into a successful business. Mischief needs structure in order to thrive.”